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Pottery to Go


To order pottery to go:

1. You can stop by our studio anytime to pick out pieces, or send us an email or private message on Facebook, and we can send you photos of our current selection! The price of pottery to go is $3 plus the price of each piece!

2. Choose up to 4 colors for each piece you have selected. Additional colors are $.50 each.
3. If ordering by message, let us know if one of your colors for each piece will be a base coat. (You might need more of this color to cover a whole plate or mug. So we will pour extra.)
4. Send us a private message on Facebook or an email to with your order.
5. Please include your PHONE NUMBER in the email. Once we have your order ready to go, send you a payment link. 

6. We will pack your order along with paint, brushes, and instructions, you can stop by and pick it up!
7. When you're finished painting, return all items and supplies to On the Pot for glazing and firing, and we will have them ready in one week!


If you have questions give us a ring at 785-820-9212! 

color chart to go - 11-05-20(jpeg).jpg
Speckle Chart jpeg.jpg
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